Working Student Horsemanship Program

Work to learn about groundwork & horsemanship!

The working student horsemanship program at Mahogany Bay Farm provides students the opportunity to immerse themselves in learning all aspects of horse care and stable management. In exchange, the students learn and improve their groundwork and horsemanship skills.

What is groundwork? Groundwork is anything you do with your horse on the ground. Leading, backing, standing, yielding, circling, ground tying, following the leader, etc. Groundwork creates exceptional ground manners as well as, trust and respect with our equine partners. Effective and successful groundwork is gained by patience, praise, and repetition.

Mahogany Bay Farm working students participate in a work exchange program on select Saturdays. Working students help in the daily operations of managing a horse farm from mucking stalls to cleaning tack to feeding horses. Working students gain valuable knowledge and experience needed in owning their own horse and managing horse farms and equestrian centers.

A love of horses, desire to work hard and eagerness to learn is essential. There is always plenty of work to be done, but a fun group of horse crazy kids and adults makes for a great working and learning atmosphere!

If you are interested in the Working Student Horsemanship Program, then contact Erin!

Please dress for the weather and bring a lunch, snack & drinks!

March Working Student Horsemanship Days:

Saturday, March Dates TBD from 10am-4:30pm

Tentative Schedule for the Day

10:00am Working Students Meeting with Erin

10:15am Mucking stalls, scrubbing water & feed buckets, filling hay nets & watching Erin teach lessons throughout the morning. Riders can learn a lot by watching :)

11:00am Various Stable Management activities such as cleaning tack, organizing the tack room, picking paddocks, filling outside waters, ordering feed, etc.

12pm Lunch, relaxing with new friends, and playing with the puppy!

1pm Assisting Erin grooming & tacking up, watching, learning and listening to her explain and demonstrate how she trains horses, setting up pole and jump courses

2pm Groom horses and learn and improve your groundwork skills

4pm Turn-in horses, wellness checks, feed dinner, and set up morning feed

4:30pm Erin & the horses say Thank You!

44 Major McIntire Road

York, Maine 03909


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